What we do

  • Airport Shuttle services
  • Charter Bus Services
  • One off contracts
  • Very long term contracts
  • Wet Hire - we supply everything
  • Dry Hire - we supply a vehicle
  • Airport "pick up & drop off zone" and bus stop design, to ensure optimal throughput of people with minimal blockages.

Our people, your safety

Our vehicle support satff are some of the best in the business

Throughout our long 60 year history, we have always believed in employing the best mechanics. Your safety is our concern. Our buses are maintained on a daily basis. Of course we also carry out Manufacturers specified servicing and replacements of parts. Our breakdown rate is minimal.

In this business, especially in a remote region like Port Hedland, sometimes spare parts can take time to arrive. For this reason we keep four older buses, and many more spare parts, for quick replacement and to ensure continuity of supply



We employ the best mechanics and drivers, who take pride in their work.

Our office support staff always go the extra yard to please our clients


If your experiencing transport problems, we can help. Car park, Bus park, Airport Bus pick up and drop off zones. We specialise in design of space for efficient people throughput.