Saint Cecilia Primary

07:33 AM Richardson St / Edgar St - Saint Cecilia Catholic College... View map >
07:50 AM Masters Way / Captains Way - St Cecilia Catholic College... View map >
14:40 PM Port Hedland Primary School - St Cecilia Catholic College School... View map >
14:55 PM St Cecilia Catholic College - Styles Rd / Matheson Dr... View map >
Hedland senior high school.

Stopping Pattern

Stoppping Pattern:
1. RICHARDSON ST after Edgar St
2. KINGSMILL ST before Hardie St
3. KINGSMILL ST before Crowe St
4. SUTHERLAND ST after Howe St
5. MOORE ST after Acton St
6. MCGREGOR ST before Crawford St
7. SUTHERLAND ST before Neptune Pl
8. STYLES RD before Johnson L
9. STYLES RD after Matheson Dr
10. MATHESON DR after Counihan Cr
11. ATHOL ST after Thompson St
12. ATHOL ST after Wyndham St
13. ATHOL ST before Corney St
14. ATHOL ST before Hall St
15. TAYLOR ST after Athol St
16. CORNEY ST opposite McPherson St
17. DEMPSTER ST after Goode St
18. DEMPSTER ST before Keesing St
19. KEESING ST before Robinson St
20. ROBINSON ST after Lacy St
21. MCGREGOR ST after Crawford St
22. SUTHERLAND ST before Mieklejohn

From a stop on Edgar St, near Richardson St, R Richardson St, R McKay St, L Kingsmill St, L Howe St, R Sutherland St, R Acton St, L Moore St, L Taplin St, R Sutherland St, R Webster St, L Gratwick St, L McGregor St, L Crawford St, R Sutherland St, R Thompson St, R Athol St, L Cooke Point Dr, L Styles Rd, L Butler Wy, L Counihan Cr, R Matheson Dr, R Styles Rd, R Cooke Point Dr, R Athol St, L Taylor St, L Goode St, L McPherson St, R Corney St, to a stop at Port Hedland Primary School, via Corney St, L Goode St, L Dempster St, R Keesing St, L Robinson St, R Thompson St, L Sutherland St, L Crawford St, R McGregor St, R Gratwick St, R Webster St, L Sutherland St, to a stop at St Cecilias Catholic College


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