Mine spec

we operate on a contract basis for major mining companies in the region including...
  • BHP Billiton Iron Ore, Exclusive service for the Port Hedland area
  • Fortesque Metals Group, Anderson point operations & airport shuttle services
  • Atlas Iron Ore, ongoing regular services
  • Worley Parsons, for regular staff transfers

We have been servicing the Mining industry for many years and pride ourselves in keeping in touch with their requirements. Over 4,000 new jobs are currently being created in the mining sector in our region and for this reason we have added 14 new vehicles to the fleet. We are always ready!

Wherever you want us

Our vehicles and staff are at your disposal. Wherever you want us at any time. We can get your staff from Airport to accommodation, and from accommodation to site and back a again. All of our vehicles are mine site compliant... no worries!
We are fully inducted
Our drivers are fully inducted and understand all the requirements for operation of buses on Mine Sites. our drivers are also very experienced and have been with us for a long time.

Airport Shuttle Services
We specialise in getting staff to and from the airport. We have extensive experience in Airport work. We have experience in design of Airport bus pick up and drop off zones, for optimum efficiency and through flow of passengers, and can offer this service to your comapny.



The best advice


We are experts in our field

We are experts in our field. We have over 60 years experience in bus transport services. We understand this business better than most. We are more than familiar with transport regulations and requirements and can advise you on any aspect of bus transport


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